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Welcome to Samarth Labeling Solutions! We are end to end provider of world-class label printing equipments and supplies. We provide our valued added customers with labeling, tagging and barcode products including an extensive selection of thermal label printers, thermal label and tags, ribbons, and accessories such as label applicators and dispensers. We take time to learn about our customers’ specific needs, then provide a comprehensive solutions, combining the right labeling equipments with assets hardwares including barcode scanners and data collections units.

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Thermal Barcode printer?

A thermal barcode printer is a type of printer that uses thermal technology to produce high-quality barcode labels. It is commonly used in various industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and more. Thermal barcode printers are designed specifically for printing barcodes, labels, tags, and other adhesive materials. There are two main types of thermal barcode printers:

Direct Thermal Printer: This type of printer uses heat-sensitive paper or labels. It applies heat directly to the paper, causing it to turn black in the areas where heat is applied, thus creating the barcode or label. Direct thermal printing is cost-effective and does not require ink or toner cartridges. However, the labels can fade over time when exposed to heat, light, or chemicals.

Thermal Transfer Printer: This printer uses a thermal ribbon, which is coated with ink or resin, to transfer the barcode or label image onto various materials such as paper, synthetic materials, or even fabrics. The printer applies heat to the ribbon, which melts the ink or resin and transfers it onto the label material, creating a durable and long-lasting barcode or label. Thermal transfer printing is more versatile and offers better resistance to fading, heat, and chemicals. When choosing a thermal barcode printer, consider the following factors

How does a thermal print head work?

The thermal printer passes an electric current to the heating elements of the thermal printer head. The heat generated activates the paper's thermo chromic layer, causing it to turn a certain colour (for example, black). Thermal print heads can have a resolution from 203 dpi up to 1,200 DPI.

What are the disadvantages of thermal printers?

Unlike standard printers, thermal printers usually do not print out colours well. 1. If they become too heated to operate, the ink consumed would be more and the printing may not be precise and accurate. 2. Printer head could be damaged by the high heat used while printing, often resulting on cost to repair when it break down.

Advantages / Disadvantages Of Thermal Printers.

A thermal printer head typically contains minimum these components:- Thermal head: Produces heat to create an image on the paper or any such approved media. Platen: A rubber platen roller which moves the paper. Spring: Applies pressure to hold the paper and printer head together

What is a Barcode Printer or Thermal Transfer Printer..??

A barcode / Thermal Transfer Printer capable of printing on self adhesive die cut plain or pre-printed labels, which can be fixed on any item/product to cross identify inventory. Each and every Barcode solution providers are committed to provide pure barcode application solutions using these hardware's such as Thermal Transfer Printers, Barcode Scanners hand held/fixed mount & automation scanners, vision based technology high end scanners and Holographic scanners.

Tsc Barcode Printer

TSC is a brand of barcode printers that produces a range of thermal transfer and direct thermal printers for various applications. TSC printers are known for their reliability, ease of use, and low cost of ownership. TSC barcode printers can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and logistics. Some of the popular models include the TSC TTP-244 Pro, TSC TTP-245C, TSC TTP-247, and TSC TE200. These printers can print high-quality barcode labels, tags, and receipts at high speeds and with a range of connectivity options, such as USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. They also come with various software and firmware options, including label design software and programming languages for customized applications. Overall, TSC barcode printers are a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses that need to print barcode labels and other types of labels on a regular basis.

Tvs Barcode Printer

TVS Electronics is an Indian company that specializes in the manufacture of electronic products,and samarthlabeling solutions is dealers and suppliers for barcode printers. TVS Electronics offers a range of barcode printers suitable for various applications and industries. These printers are designed to print barcode labels, tags, and stickers, facilitating efficient inventory management and tracking. Some popular models of TVS Electronics barcode printers include:

TVS BS-L101 Star: This is an entry-level barcode printer suitable for small businesses and retail environments. It offers a compact design, thermal printing technology, and supports various barcode symbologies. TVS LP 46 Lite barcode printer, tvs thermal barcode printer RP 3220, 3160,RP CHAMP STAR. This printer is designed for medium-sized businesses and offers a user-friendly interface. It supports both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing methods and can handle a wide range of barcode applications.TVS LP 46 Neo: This model provides faster printing speeds and higher resolution, making it suitable for demanding environments. It supports multiple connectivity options and can print barcodes, labels, and receipts.TVS LP 44BU: This is a portable barcode printer that offers wireless connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is compact and lightweight, making it convenient for on-the-go printing requirements.

These are just a few examples of TVS Electronics barcode printers, and the company offers other models with varying features and capabilities. It's always recommended to visit the official TVS Electronics website or contact their authorized resellers for the most up-to-date information on their product offerings.

History Of Barcode……

The concept and technology of Barcode was developed and invented by Mr. Norman Joseph Woodland, who drew a series of lines in sand to represent Morse code and Bernard Silver. A patent right was granted allotted in 1966 and NCR became the first company to design, develop & manufacture first scanner to read the barcode zymology. A Pack of Wrigley gum was the first product print and incorporate the technology.

What is a Thermal Transfer Printing Technology..?

This is a method of thermal / thermal transfer printing, which creates an image with the help of thermal print head by melting the specific area of thermal transfer ribbon and transfers the print image in plain self adhesive labels.

What is a Barcode scanner..??

A barcode scanner, also known as a barcode reader, is a device that reads and interprets information from barcodes. Barcodes are machine-readable codes consisting of a series of lines, spaces, and numbers that represent data such as product information, prices, or inventory numbers. A barcode scanner uses a light source to read the barcode and convert it into digital data that can be processed by a computer. There are several types of barcode scanners, including handheld scanners, fixed-mount scanners, and wireless scanners. Barcode scanners are commonly used in retail stores, warehouses, and other industries to quickly and accurately scan and track products and inventory. They can also be used to track documents and assets, such as library books or equipment in a hospital

Barcode Label Manufacturer

A barcode label is a visual representation of data in the form of a barcode that is affixed to a product or item for identification and tracking purposes. It consists of a series of parallel lines of varying widths and spaces, along with accompanying numbers or alphanumeric characters, which can be scanned using a barcode scanner or reader. The barcode label serves as a unique identifier for the item it is attached to. When scanned, the barcode reader translates the pattern of lines into a corresponding sequence of numbers or characters, allowing for quick and accurate retrieval of information from a database or system. Barcode labels are commonly used in various industries, including retail, logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing, to streamline operations, track inventory, manage supply chains, and improve efficiency. They enable automated data capture and reduce human error associated with manual data entry. There are different types of barcode symbologies, such as UPC (Universal Product Code), EAN (European Article Number), Code 39, Code 128, QR codes, and more. The specific symbology used depends on the requirements of the application and the type of information to be encoded. Barcode labels can be printed on adhesive labels, tags, or directly onto product packaging using specialized printers. They can be customized with additional information, such as product name, price, expiration date, or serial number, depending on the needs of the business or organization using them


Barcode Labels

The wide range of high standardized barcode Labels we offer to our clients tried and tested their quality standard befor they are dispatched to our customer's

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Barcode Scanner

Our barcode scanners are designed to meet a wide range of scanning needs, applications and budgets. We have standardized identification scanners that read 1D, 2D, and QR codes.

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Barcode Printer

We provide with wide range of types, sizes and application specific printers like tsc printer in delhi / tsc barcode printer / brands. We carry industrial, mobile, and desktop printers in both direct thermal or thermal transfer printing methods.

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Barcode Ribbons

We offer a wide range of barcode ribbons in flexible sizes & materials, with quick and prompt delivery commitement. There are three types of barcode ribbons: wax, wax/resin, and resin.

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What is thermal transfer ribbon..?

A Thermal Transfer Ribbon is basically a polyester film on which are coated different layers. Ink layer is transferred to the label thanks thermal technology, heat delivered by the thermal head of the thermal printer .

What is a Plain Self Adhesive Die Cut labels..??

Label converters buy jumbo rolls from paper manufacturers. Then the label converters using specific size die to cut the labels as per their customers' requirements and needs. There are different types of labels papers available with the paper manufacturers.


Barcode Printer Service Center

This is information about specific service centers for TSC barcode printers. However, you can try searching online for authorized service centers or contacting us for for assistance in finding a service center near you. You may also want to check your printer's warranty to see if the issue you are experiencing is covered and if you can receive support.

What are different types of barcode scanners..??


Scanners connectivity’s : USB, SERIAL, PROFINET & PROFIBUS

NOTE: There are mainly SIX (VARIOUS CATEGORIES) different types of barcode scanners available in the market, which are single line laser, Omni directional laser scanner, linear imager scanners, 2D area imager & vision based scanner which is latest and most advanced technology mainly used for industrial conveyor applications.If you choose right configurations and combinations depending on your area of application, barcodes and scanners can be powerful tools to save time, reduce man month costs and human errors, improve inventory control management, and produce better customer service with instant visibility and item-level awareness. To get better and quality benefits, you need to choose the right bar-coding system & solution, and the best suited barcode scanners for your information needs and your work environment. It’s very important to consider characteristics like connectivity, memory, functionality, convenience, durability for rugged applications, and many more…….

  • 1. FIXED MOUNT BARCODE SCANNERS :- Fixed mount scanners/readers use either laser technology for reading linear barcodes or for 2D barcode scanning use imager technology, as well as direct part marking (DPM) barcodes, in high-speed environments like conveyor or factory automation applications production & packing lines, light industrial, assembly line, and access control checkpoints. As the name signifies, these devices are installed in a stationary location, and they can read bar-coded objects as the items pass by at high speeds and high volumes. These scanners can be mounted at specific strategic locations, pre-defined positions, and desired distances, enabling them to read at high speed with great accuracy — on fast-moving conveyor lines.Fixed mount scanners don’t require an user to hold the device as items are scanned. This hands-free operation improves faster and automated worker productivity.In industrial applications such as automotive, medical device, defense, and aerospace manufacturing, fixed mount scanners read DPM barcodes that are used to track and trace products.
  • 2. IN-COUNTER BARCODE SCANNERS :- In-counter scanners are similar to fixed mount scanners in that they are stationary — but these scanners are most often integrated into retail point-of-sale counters, where they can quickly read barcodes on items that pass over them, without the retail worker having to point the scanner or trigger the device. Most people are very familiar with in-counter scanners, because they’re used in most large retail and grocery stores, in both cashier lanes and self-checkouts. In addition to being able to read product barcodes, in-counter scanners are used to read loyalty cards, coupons, mobile phone codes, and personnel badges.
  • 4. MOBILE COMPUTER BARCODE SCANNERS :- Mobile computer barcode scanners are devices that combine the functions of a handheld computer and a barcode scanner. They are used in a variety of industries to streamline processes that involve scanning barcodes, such as inventory management, logistics, and retail. These devices typically have a built-in barcode scanner that can read both 1D and 2D barcodes. They also have a touch screen interface and can run specialized software for tasks such as inventory management or order picking. In addition, they often have wireless connectivity capabilities, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which can be used to transfer data or connect to other devices. Mobile computer barcode scanners come in a variety of form factors, including handheld devices, wearable devices, and vehicle-mounted devices. The choice of form factor depends on the specific use case and the environment in which the device will be used. Overall, mobile computer barcode scanners offer a convenient and efficient way to manage barcode scanning and data collection tasks in a wide range of industries
  • 5. HANDHELD BARCODE SCANNERS :- A handheld barcode scanner is a device used to scan and decode barcodes. It is a portable and lightweight device that can be held in one hand and moved over the barcode to read the information. Handheld barcode scanners typically use laser or imaging technology to read the barcode. Laser scanners use a beam of light to read the barcode, while imaging scanners use a camera to take a picture of the barcode and decode the information. Handheld barcode scanners are commonly used in retail stores, warehouses, and other industries where quick and accurate scanning of barcodes is essential. They can also be used in medical facilities to track patient information and inventory management systems to track product movements..
  • 6. WEARABLE BARCODE SCANNERS :- Wearable scanners combine the mobility of handheld scanners with the hands-free convenience of fixed barcode scanners. They can be as simple as a point-and-shoot, reader and trigger style, or they can include keypads, processors, displays, and more. Most often, wearable’s use Bluetooth technology to communicate with a larger device and system.Wearable’s are typically secured to the user’s hand, wrist, finger, or arm, most often using hook-and-loop closures — but they can also include head-mounted devices incorporating optical displays and audio functions.Wearable scanners are designed for more rugged use, as one would expect of any wearable device.


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Samarth labeling Solutions

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These labels are acquired from best and most experienced orginal manufacturers of the market. They are most elite in this domain.

Samarth labeling Solutions

Barcode Printersamarth image

Barcode printers are available for variable applications. While choosing a printer some important features must be considerd.

Samarth labeling Solutions

Barcode Scannerssamarth image

The scanners offered are manufactured in accordance with the set industry standards and norms. Owing to Handy Scanner attributes like optimum performance.

Samarth labeling Solutions

POS Machine samarth image

These machines are best in quality and available in many specifications too. These machines are easy to connect and functions.

Samarth labeling Solutions

RFID Solutionssamarth image

A radio frequency identification reader (RFID reader doesn't need line of sight for reading data's) is a device used to gather information from an RFID tag, which is used to track individual objects.

Samarth Labeling Solutions

Ribbonssamarth image

We also design and manufacture product label's for our prospects & customers.


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